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Staged Landscapes
Nuala Ní Fhlathúin & Cath Taylor

Reflecting on a complex relationship between coastal and linguistic vulnerabilities in the Connemara Gaeltacht, Ní Fhlathúin's work sited fragile objects in unfired porcelain alongside  suspended images, hovering in the space between the earth and sky. Taylor’s mixed media installation meanwhile, proposed a landscape of contradictions: combining beauty with menace, expansion with confinement, and freedom with subjection. 

Tanya Harris
Consciousness Resides in Geometry

 Harris’ first major solo exhibition in Ireland saw her
use mixed media including sound, textiles, drawing, installation, unseen performance and plant extracts. The work investigated the relationship between the vibrational energies of plants, sound and geometry. Harris interprets the sound vibrations of Irish native plants frequently associated with healing, which she visualises with the assistance of a cymatics machine, a device that allows minute sound vibrations to be seen through another medium.


Mollie Douthit
Acts of Patience

A painter with an elemental relationship to the process of making work, with these works Douthit has consciously taken time and care, forcing herself not to rush the process of making. Frequently focusing on objects in isolation, commonplace or domestic, Douthit’s eye allows us to view her subjects in a new context, divorced from their usual place in the world. The result is the elevation of benign items to the realm of the uncanny, Douthit’s deft hand transforming the banal to the sublime.


Curated Exhibitions: The Courthouse Gallery & Studios
Ennistymon, Co Clare
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