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Tom Flanagan & the communities of X-PO and North Clare

2018 - 2020

Project curated by Anne Mullee with curatorial advisor Deirdre O’Mahony.
Commissioned by Gaining Ground / Clare County Council Public Art Programme 2017—2020.

FOLK RADIO was a temporary radio station transmitting from the X-PO in Kilnaboy, Co. Clare, from 3 – 16 February 2020 on 87.9FM* and simulcast online. The broadcast was marked with a public open day on 8th February 2020 with live programmes including music, conversation and a panel discussion Claiming the Sonic Spectrum: Perspectives, on the sonic landscape, broadcasting and community (with Katie Moylan, Deirdre O’Mahony, Tom Flanagan, Tony Kirby, Sven Anderson, and Natalia Beylis

Conceived as an artist-led public art project by myself, Deirdre O'Mahony and lead artist Tom Flanagan, Folk Radio was the culmination of a two year collaboration with the communities of the X-PO, its volunteers, participants and audiences. The project comprises over 42 hours of original broadcasts with 46 independent programmes and contributions from over 70 participants.

These explore the unique social histories, cultures, and creativity of this vibrant rural region, interweaving the relationship between people, place and landscape through original recordings, sonic spaces, conversations, interviews, live music and experimental works developed and produced by at the X-PO in Kilnaboy.

Folk Radio seeks to build further on the legacy of the X-PO project by utilising the familiar medium of radio as a creative platform for public discussion on space, place and ideas of ‘community’, making visible some of the social and cultural priorities of North Clare while exploring future possibilities.

About X-PO: X-PO is located at the former post office in Kilnaboy, Co Clare. It started life as a public art project initiated by artist Deirdre O’Mahony in 2007, supported by an Arts Council Project Award, SuperValu and Clare Arts Office. X-PO sought to actively engage individuals and communities in Kilnaboy by giving time and space to re-view and reimagine the social and cultural priorities in a rapidly changing rural landscape and an area of outstanding natural beauty, the Burren. X-PO is named as the artwork for 2007 in the RIA/Irish Times centenary publication Modern Ireland in 100 Artworks.











With warm thanks to all who have made this project possible:


Katie Moylan / Sven Anderson / Peter Rees / Robin Sheen / Kilnaboy NS / Donal Hogan / Neal Jeuken / Sean Roche / Francis Whelan / Anne Byrne / Gerry Kavanagh / Noel Cusack / Joe Collins / Branwen Kavanagh / Karen Moynihan / The X-PO Singers Group / Nurse With Wound / Corofin Dramatic Society / Tola Custy / From the Bogs of Aughiska / Conor McGrady / Áine Philips / Cormac McGinley / Dick Cronin / Colin Bunce / Michael Lynch / Eamon Doyle / Eva Hegarty / Brendan Dunford / RÓAN / Aisling Wheeler / Anne Marie Harrington / Harry Jeuken / Barry O’Donovan / North Clare Writers Group 


William Hederman / Louise Roseingrave / Senan Kileen / Sheenagh Franklin / Tony Kirby / Colin Johnston / Mick O’Riordan  / Tess Casasín Ní Shioradáin / Deirdre O’Mahony / Natalia Beylis / Éilís Murphy / Tanya Harris / Andrew Lambert / Fintan MacCoiter / Maeve Collins / Carter Thompson / Mako Mihira / Sam Jamison / Sierra Schaefer / Virginia Manning / Ellen Ferrier / Michael Christie / Letitia Hill / Shannon Castor / Aisling Jelinski / Brittany Baldwin / Samantha Kahn / Herminia Ayala / Joana Alarcão / Duaa Bilbeisi / Anavi Mullick / Angela Nguyen / Elizabeth Reedy / Iris Salin / Molly Greene / Sienna Henson / Stephanie Elsing / Zoe Matthiessen / Megan Channell 

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