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Isadora Epstein

11th March – 27th April 

With: Stéphane Béna Hanly, Brian Rogers, Liadán Scott Keogh, musicians Méabh McKenna and Seamas Hyland, Amie Egan (costumes), Kathy Tynan (backdrop painting) and by Saoirse Sexton (choreography).
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Isadora Epstein brought her singularly unconventional approach to this exhibition of new work commissioned by Mermaid Arts Centre, drawing on the mythology and history of the voyage of St Brendan from Ireland to North America.

The show and performance is hosted by Jasconius, the infernal whale encountered by Saint Brendan and his curragh full of monks, which they mistook as an island at the start of their transatlantic passage off of the west coast of Ireland.

Taking inspiration from the immrama, stories of Irish Sea journeys to the other world, the Voyage Performance is devised by Isadora Epstein, with artist Stéphane Béna Hanly in collaboration with Brian Rogers, and Liadán Scott Keogh, musicians Méabh McKenna and Seamas Hyland, costumes by Amie Egan, backdrop painting by Kathy Tynan and choreography by Saoirse Sexton.

Voyage acts as both an event and a travel agency, welcoming passengers to other worlds, while bringing together a crew of artists on a holiday package tour that navigates the global seas in search to find mythical islands. Drawing from stories about sixth century Irish saint Brendan The Navigator’s fabled transatlantic passage, recorded in Book of Lismore and the medieval hit Navigatio Brendani, the audience is invited to join in this travelogue.

The exhibition was accompanied by a limited edition Travel Guide of the Seven Seas, made by Isadora Epstein in collaboration with designer Stina Sanström.


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